About Me

Hello, are you wanting to re-ignite your dormant art skills?  Whether self taught, looking for motivation, tips and tricks or an artist with skills that have been forgotten then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Zoë, a self taught artist and I want to help you re-kindle your artistic mindset and skills.  I’m on a journey to re-discover my own dormant art skills and to improve them so that I can create myself a full time artistic career in whatever form that might look like (it’s ok not to have all the answers yet, this is a journey :-). 

Current Status

I am currently in a full time 9-5 job but dream of a career as an artist.  But first I am kickstarting those dormant art skills and learning to upgrade them as I go.

It Started With A Challenge

I started with setting myself a challenge, to do a sketch everyday for a year!  A huge goal but the only way to get better is to draw. So I set myself this challenge and set up an Instagram account @zoebadgerart to share it with the world. I also wanted to hold myself accountable and to get over one of the biggest mindset blocks that I think a lot of artists have “Is my art good enough? and ‘what will people think?”

And Continued With A Blog

I also decided alongside the Instagram account to blog about each week as I went. That challenge is now complete and out of that came the inspiration and courage to set up my own website with a dedicated art blog.  I used the digital bloggers platform to blog about the sketch every day challenge. If you want to check out those posts you can find them here under the arts and entertainment section.  Give that challenge a try yourself you never know where it might lead!

Which Turned Into A Website

In setting up this website and continuing to draw everyday as much as I can I wanted to continue writing and sharing what I have been drawing, the stumbling blocks I have come across, what tips or methods I have used and most importantly how I manage my mindset through out this journey.

It is my belief that in sharing my journey I hope to help you start and continue on yours to get over those self limiting beliefs and re-discover your own love and skills for art and to know that you are not alone.

Please join me in this journey by accessing my blog here to be notified of new posts and to chat with me so we can share ideas so and help each other out on this exciting art journey. 

Happy Sketching